San Diego Marathons
San Diego Marathons

San Diego is the perfect location to run a marathon, since it has the perfect climate and great scenic running courses.  There are 2 marathons, the Rock and Roll Marathon and the Carlsbad Marathon, and three half marathons, the AFC (America’s Finest City) Half-Marathon, the La Jolla Half-Marathon, and the Carlsbad Half-Marathon.  The Triple Crown award is given to any participant that completes all three half-marathons in the same calendar year.

All marathons are 26.2 Miles, while a half-marathon is 13.1 Miles.  Thousands of participants live, eat, breathe, and train for that one gruesome day.  If you’ve never ran a marathon before and thinking about running your first one, then you have no idea what is in store for you.  A lot of time, dedication and commitment are involved to run and successfully complete a marathon.  The early morning runs, the balanced diet, the aching muscles…are all worth it once you cross that finish line.  Marathons are very addictive, so once you complete your first one, be aware that you’ll want to start training for the next marathon on the list. 
Once you have at least six months of running (a year is even better) and a few shorter races under your belt, you can start thinking about which marathon you want to prepare to run.  It’s good to participate in a half marathon before the actual big marathon day.  You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with the actual race course, so you can train properly.  Some San Diego marathons have a lot of hills like the Carlsbad Marathon, while others, such as the Rock n’ Roll Marathon, are mostly flat with a few uphill runs.  Having a proper training schedule, knowing your course, and a healthy balanced diet are two very important factors when preparing for a marathon or half marathon.  
All San Diego Marathons will be discussed in great detail to give you a better understanding of each course and the best way to train for each unique marathon/half-marathon.  Running a marathon in San Diego gives you an opportunity to enjoy yourself while putting your mind and body through the most grueling obstacle your body will have to face.  

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